Robert Mikkelson Espeland

Subject manager Training RailAcademy
Phone: +47 909 41 709

Robert M Espeland

From 1 March 2021, Robert Mikkelson Espeland has been employed as subject manager for training at RailAcademy. He has been trained as a locomotive driver since 2009 and has a bachelor's degree in retail management from BI. He also has experience as a sales consultant and general manager.

Robert has over 10 years' experience as a locomotive driver in NSB and VY where he has driven most of the electric traction vehicles and most of the track sections in Eastern Norway. From 2015 he has worked as an instructor and examiner and from 2018 he has worked full-time as a teacher at the locomotive driver education.

Robert has worked a lot with traffic safety, regulations and simulator training, but has also been involved in other parts of the training such as follow-up of driving instructors, development of teaching aids, courses etc.

Robert is very interested in and has good expertise in road safety and training. He has the following key skills:

· Regulations / TJN

· Technical systems ATC / ERTMS / GSM-R

· Course development

· Training

· Simulator training

· Instructor / Examiner

· Pedagogy