Per Christofferson

Associate partner

Per Christofferson

Since January 2022, Per Christofferson has been associated with Railsupport as an associated partner with a focus on Human Factors and Safety Management, primarily within railways, aviation and shipping. 

Per has his special expertise in control room design, evaluation and design of operator environments as well as development and testing of software. Safety management in the form of e.g. risk analyzes as well as the design and evaluation of safety management systems have often been included as an integral part of the assignments Per carried out within the above-mentioned forms of transport. 

Per has carried out a number of large assignments within the transport sector. Here we can mention Swedish organizations such as the National Accident Commission, Trafikverket and SJ, and Norwegian organizations such as NSB, Avinor, SAS and the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board for Transport.

For the past 10 years, Per has mainly worked with requirements related to Human Factors, construction of RAMS and CSM RA frameworks and acted as the main responsible for safety management and implementation of systematic risk analyzes / Human Factor evaluations in the Swedish train management project ENTL (National train management). In addition, during his time in the project he was the main contact with the Swedish Transport Agency and ISA/AsBo.

Per previously worked for Scandpower / Llolyd´s and was then located in Norway for several years. Since 2011, Per has run his own company Human Factors & Risk Management AB.