Ann-Iren Johansen

Senior Advisor
Phone: +47 971 63 290

Ann-Iren Johansen

Ann-Iren has 20 years' experience in traffic management and route planning for the railway as well as drafting regulations, revision and evaluation. She is trained as a Traffic Controller and Train Conductor from Bane NOR and also has courses in, among other things, risk management and HSE. Ann-Iren has 10 years' experience as an instructor for train conductors and traffic controllers in Bane NOR and that she has had a role as colleague supervisor train conductor.

One of her previous roles is safety and competence manager for a railway company in freight transport. She is thus well acquainted with the process around applications, audits and other security work that comes with such a role.

Ann-Iren is concerned with a living regulatory framework and ensuring that the current regulations and more are maintained in a safe and predictable manner within the railway sector.

She has also worked for three years with tender planning for buses in both Norway and Sweden and has in-depth knowledge of regulations linked to the various bus industry agreements in both countries.

Ann-Iren has special expertise in:

  • Regulations and other regulations within railways
  • Traffic management and route planning
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Tender planning