Kaja Daae Torsteinsen

Senior Advisor
Email: kdt@railsupport.no
Phone: +47 480 37 481

Kaja Daae Torsteinsen

Kaja Daae Torsteinsen is a senior advisor at Railsupport AS. She has an engineering degree in Safety and Environment from the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) (2015) and a 2-year master's in RAMS from NTNU (2017). Kaja has been employed by Railsupport since March 2020.

She has previously worked as a consultant at Lloyd's Register, mainly with RAMS and HSEQ within the transport sector. Her experience includes risk assessments, safety management systems and third-party verifications, primarily AsBo, ISA and NoBo.

Kaja has special expertise in:


· Risk assessment and risk management

· Risk acceptance criteria

· European and national railway regulations

· The RAMS standards EN 50126 and EN 50129

· Independent third party verifications

· Revisions